Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Center Hill Trail at Mt. Blue State Park

The Center Hill Trail at Mt. Blue State Park is a great place to escape to if you have a few hours or an afternoon. It is located in Weld, a few miles from the town center on Center Hill Road. The parking area is up a short tarred road that is marked with the classic brown and white signs.
7.30 Center Hill
We parked and were immediately struck by the view. The nature trail is about 0.5 mile long and is easy hiking. At the trailhead were self-guided tour guides that gave details about different locations on the trail. The entries were brief, interesting, and added an unexpected aspect to our adventure. 

7.30 Center Hill
One of the stops was atop a granite boulder that overlooked Webb Lake. Then the trail brought along side a bog. It seemed unusual to see a bog on top of a mountain. We walked through a mature spruce forest, learned about lichen, and how to identify a red oak.

It was a simple, relaxing walk. It took us about 45 minutes to complete the loop. It had been the perfect way to spend an afternoon. We'll be back- maybe with a pair of snowshoes!

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