Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Maiden Voyage of the Davis Family

This adventure began nearly two years ago in 2011. That Christmas Josh brought home a canoe. It was a perfect present for our impending family. We had a baby on the way and were determined to keep getting outside as a family.

We made plans to get it out on the water last summer. Our intentions were good. We were naive. Between our newborn and jobs our hands were full.

Fall came and went. Winter dragged. Spring was here and we were packing to move to Maine.

Finally summer was here and it seemed as though another season would pass us by. Then the other day we kicked it into overdrive. We bought straps and reliable rope. We practiced lifting the canoe and tying it down. We decided where to try it out. We packed and loaded. It was awesome.

The next day we headed out to Toothaker Pond. We were there, unloaded, and in the canoe in 25 minutes. In the stern was Josh, while Eli and I sat in the bow. We cruised along the shoreline. Though the water was smooth we still wanted to be cautious.

We had hoped to find a place to go ashore and picnic but it didn't work out. We snacked a bit in the canoe and took it all in: the shoreline covered in dense trees, a few camps spot the shoreline, a small lighthouse jutting into the pond and the blue heron feeding in reeds.

8.13 Looking across Toothaker Pond
As we were relaxing the wind began to pick up. We followed the shoreline around the entire pond and made our way back to the put-in. We pulled out, thought to take a photo, and packed it up. Though were hadn't been out for long, we had enjoyed our time on the water. It was a successful attempt to get our whole family on the water and it has inspired us to get out again. 

Hopefully that will happen before next summer!

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