Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Devil's Bathtub, Spearfish Canyon

It's been awhile since we've had a chance to really get out and explore. We've been here and there but no where that really stuck out. We had plans to get back out to Jenney Gulch but when the time came to head out it was voted down for a more private area. We headed to Devil's Bathtub.

Now, when we first moved here the locals were always encouraging us to get out and see it. We drove south Cheyenne Crossing and came into Spearfish Canyon that way. About 18 miles or so in there's a road named Cleopatra. Who can forget that? We parked here and started down the trail.

It was pretty easy going for awhile. The trail winds back and forth across the stream several times. It was awesome to get my feet wet. At times it was easier just to walk up the creek instead of fighting through the trail. There was a lot of silliness. I must have lost my flip flops half a dozen times. The trail meandered through a series of small pools. Some I would have been content on sitting at all day but the allure of Devil's Bathtub was ahead.

It took up the better park of an hour to get up to the spot. Some places were a little tricky and required some concentration. We had brought Wu with us and were a little worried but he was all about it. He treated it like an agility course and was a total show-off.

We spent most of our day at the pool just beyond the actual Devil's Bathtub. To get up to it was a little tricky and Wu (this is me blaming it all on the dog) was a little freaked out about it. Josh and Nate cruised up past a water luge and explored beyond it. Some people were gold panning up past where the boys had been and told us that the creek lead to the old Cleopatra Mine. I spent most of the time in a little waterfall getting my back massaged.

I found myself a walking stick to navigate the rocks with. It was a little to tall for me but perfect for Josh. He quickly snatched it up and I was lucky enough to find another stick for myself. We spent a little time playing in the rapids. It was such a great spot, very private and pristine. Even though Nate was there it was still romantic.

After finding ourselves water logged and exhausted we hiked back towards the car. Wu was excited to be on the move again and whoever was in the water had a companion. It didn't take us long at all. The walking sticks had proved incredibly useful. It had been another amazing day in the hills.

We are so lucky. A beautiful hike and warm water to swim in. We can't wait to go back!