Monday, August 26, 2013

Daggett Rock, Phillips ME

Daggett Rock is one of those cool places that you occasionally hear about but never seem to be able to get yourself to. It's located on the Wheeler Hill Road in Phillips and now that we live in this neck of the woods, it seemed that we should check it out.

8.13 Looking through a split
On Friday Eli, Memere, and I made the trek over. It wasn't a surprise that the tar and dirt road leading to the trailhead isn't well maintained but thankfully it's passable and the trailhead is only 2.3 miles in. On the left side there is a faded wooden sign marking the old two track that leads to Daggett Rock. On the right is a gravel parking area that easily holds three cars.

The walk in is about 15 minutes and is a slight incline for most of the way. It is easy walking. We strolled up it without any problems, even with Eli on my back. (It would be possible to bring a jogging stroller, if that helps to gauge the difficulty!)

8.13 Memere trying some bouldering
Daggett Rock sits in a small opening that is surrounded by thick trees. It seems that the trees are cut back occasionally and briars are kept at bay by the visitors. The rock itself is 80 feet long, 30 feet wide and 25 feet tall. I read accounts that it could weigh over 8000 tons and that it traveled all the way from Saddleback Mt. in Dallas Plantation.

The granite rock is split into three pieces and there is enough space to walk in-between. Someone built a makeshift ladder so that you can climb atop one of the pieces. 

We took it all in as we rested, snacked, and hydrated in the shadow of the rock. It was a perfect day to be exploring. After snapping a few photos we headed back down the hill to the car.

Daggett Rock is a seriously big rock. It's an unsual, quirky find and if that's your thing, than it's worth seeing. It is also a great spot to do some bouldering and geocaching! If you like to learn about the local lore behind Daggett Rock, check out the Maine Geological Survey.

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