Monday, July 22, 2013

The Sandy River & Rangeley Lake Railroad

On one of our recent explorations we came across the Rangeley Lakes Railroad. We were short on time so it was added to our "To Explore" list and hoped to visit soon.

7.13 RL & SR Railroad
We made it back on the 20th, arriving a few minutes before the train was scheduled to leave. Josh bought us tickets while Eli and I checked out the platform. The tickets ($6 per adult) were punched as we boarded.

It was easy to find the seats we wanted since we were the only people there. We opted for the caboose for the first length of our journey. It was a perfect ride. One of the volunteers shared details of the original rail line.

7.13 Enjoying the scenary
The tour brings visitors down the track to the original roundhouse, then stops and allows for some exploration. The original engine turnabout still works and there are engines and cars to see. We were able to go throughout the roundhouse and inside a couple cars that are being renovated. 

7.13 Restored Cars
Soon we were heading back down the tracks to the station. We opted for an open air car for the scenery. The whistle blew and the train hummed its way back.

Even though it was a quick escape, we all enjoyed riding the train. We are hoping to visit again in the fall as the leaves are changing and enjoy it in the crisp mountain air of Maine! If you would like to visit, please check out the Operating Schedule

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