Friday, January 24, 2014

Looking Back: September

This past fall and early winter seemed to have flown by! It's not that we haven't been out adventuring; it's just been fewer and farther between adventures than ever before. We've decided to highlight the best thing that happened in each month as a way to catch! Over the next week we'll tell you about our most fun and memorable events in September, October, November and December.

September feels so long ago! Looking back the highlight of our month was the time we spent attending a Registered Maine State Guide course with Northeast Guide Service in Greenville. It was four days long which meant a long weekend!
9.13 View from Camp

Josh and I headed north after leaving our boy with his grandparents for the weekend. We hadn't had a night or weekend alone since Eli was born. You can imagine how excited we were!

The next four days were spent in Greenville learning about the industry standards of Professional Guides. We practiced our mapping skills, talked through scenarios, and tuned up our medical skills. It was an excellent course; fun, instructive and informative.
9.13 Downtown Greenville.

Each morning we bought coffee and breakfast at Moose River Store in Rockwood. Then we stopped at the lake in Greenville and enjoyed our view of the Katahdin while finishing our cups. we poked around Greenville and found a couple neat spots that we'll revisit.

After class, we drove to camp and spent our nights on moose rides and counting wildlife. We took in the stars and the sunsets. It was wonderful to feel like we were unplugged from our daily lives.

The long weekend went too quickly, and before we knew it we were heading home. Josh and I picked up our boy and began planning and anticipating the adventures we'd have with our family arriving in just a few weeks.

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