Friday, January 24, 2014

Looking Back: October

October was another busy month! We juggled family visits, hikes, ear infections with trips to Boston, geocaching, backyard explorations, and Halloween. It was hectic but the highlight of our month was the visit from our Oklahoma family.

10.13 Angel Falls
Josh's parents came for a visit in late September and stayed threw the early part of October. It was wonderful to have them here. Eli was particularly charmed and soaked up all the love they'd brought from Oklahoma.

The weather was perfect for hiking and made it easy to go exploring. We hiked to Cascade Falls and Angel Falls. Enjoyed the view and made a few friends at Height of the Land and Coos Canyon. The leaves were at their foliage peak and our area was seemed magical.

10.13 Angel Falls
We ate lobster, enjoyed real Maine maple syrup and they even saw a moose. It was a really nice Maine vacation.

At the close of our visit we headed south to Boston to see them off. We went exploring Harvard and the Natural History Museum. The exhibits were awesome. The halls of full of taxidermy had a new meaning with Eli in such awe. He was so excited it made us feel like kids again.

10.13 Cascade Falls
We checked out the Peabody as well, and Eli learned a lot about echos and throwing his voice around so we left quickly. We realized that we also need to teach museum manners!

Just a few short hours later we were at the airport saying our goodbyes. Eli woke up from his nap in time to give them a proper send off and then promptly fell back asleep. We drove all drove home reminiscing about the visit, our adventure in the city and anticipating the rest of our family visiting over Thanksgiving.

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