Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tis the Season: How to Remove a Tick Safely

Living and playing in the Northeast one needs to be particularly aware of how to avoid ticks and also how to safely remove them.

I cannot possibly count the number of ticks I've removed over the years. The thought makes me cringe. The first few I ripped off in a moment of panic. Then as awareness on Lyme Disease and other tick borne diseases spread I learned how to do it right.

Anytime you, your children, or pets have been outside it's important to check for ticks. Even if you were only in the yard. Ticks often lay in wait on the tips of leaves or blades of grass and can be picked up by simply brushing against the plants.

You'll want to check along hairlines, behind ears, armpits, behind knees, waist lines and between legs. Ticks will take advantage of the harder to reach areas and are often difficult to see.
Taken from the Tick Removal Page

If you need to remove a tick:
  • Grab a pair of tweezers. The finer the point the better.
  • Tweeze the tick as close to the skin as possible. Try to keep the tweezers parallel to the skin.
  • Pull upward, away from the skin, with even pressure.
  • Go slow. You are trying to remove it as one piece.
  • If the tick breaks apart, use the tweezers to remove the head and mouth parts.
  • Afterward clean area with alcohol or soap and water.

Keep an eye on it for awhile. If anything unusual occurs talk to a doctor! You know your body better than anyone! If you would like to read more I recommend the exploring the tick information page.

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