Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Outside Challenge Week: Day 6- Centennial Trail

Getting out today was a challenge. By the time Josh and I arrived home we had both passed through brief periods of snow. The wind was roaring and the temperature was in the 20 with wind chill. After the glimpse of summer this past week it was difficult to get ourselves outside to enjoy some open sky time with our family.

Once we were packed up and Wu had literally been wrangled we headed over towards Bear Butte State Park. We picked up the Centennial Trail at Bear Butte Lake.

The moment we opened the doors it was apparent that we should have headed into the hills. The wind pushing across the prairie was fast and cold.

On the Centennial Trail. 4.30.13
Eli was bundled up and snuggled under a few blankets. Then over the top of his stroller was a clear jacket that blocks wind and rain. Josh, Eli, Wu, and myself set out on an adventure.

We went as far as we could before the cold set in and the wind carried our high spirits away. On the way Wu did manage to jump a Gold Eagle. It circled above us and I'm sure it was contemplating the cost/benefit of going after Wu.

It wasn't too long before we were worried that Eli was getting cold. When we returned to the jeep Josh reached under the wind jacket and it was warm and still. Our baby was just fine.

We on the other hand we wind blown and exhausted. It didn't turn out to be the outing we were expecting but it was still a success.

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