Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Outside Challenge Week: Day 7- Mt. Roosevelt


Enjoying the view. 5.1.13
Today was the culmination of a weeks worth of outside family adventuring. Getting out each day hasn't been easy. A few evenings it was tough getting out the door but the rewards have been countless.

This evening we headed into the Black Hills to Mt. Roosevelt, a favorite spot of ours. The road to Mt. Roosevelt isn't plowed throughout the winter so we weren't sure if we would even be able to make it through. Thankfully, most of the snow had receded and there was evidence that many vehicles had been up through. The road was clear.

We parked and got Eli wheeled up and released Wu. The trail was easy going until we were 2/3 of the way and we ran into snow. It wasn't a huge patch so we portaged Eli over. Then hit another patch of snow and we took to the woods. Eli loved going off trail. Apparently it was very exciting.

His off-roading face! 5.11.13
The ground around the tower was clear of snow. The trees opened up and the sun beat down upon us. We took the Friendship Tower in.

The last 4 years (since we moved here) have brought a lot of change to the Roosevelt's Friendship Tower. When we first visited it was sealed off to visitors but in true Black Hills fashion, the gated door had been altered so that one could squeeze through. Then a year or so later construction began to repair the mortar and then to reconstruct a staircase. Then the roof was put on to protect it a bit from the elements (but it's not historically accurate).

Mt. Roosevelt's Friendship Tower. 5.1.13
We were hoping to follow the loop around but snow covered the rest of the trail. We opted to take the trail back the way we came but instead of blazing trail in the woods we portaged Eli over the snow patches. It was kind of awesome and we felt like we could do anything.

After working our way through several hundred feet of snow patches we were back on gravel. It was all downhill from there and our hike was over before we knew it.

Our seven day adventure was complete and we asked "why stop there?" Why not challenge ourselves to do this everyday as a habit? I think we will.


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