Friday, May 3, 2013

AVEX Brazos AUTOSEAL Water Bottle Review

The AVEX line of innovative water bottles was recently brought into our sights. Having been loyal fans of another top brand, we were surprised by how much we enjoyed using our new AVEX bottles. AVEX offers several styles of BPA-Free water bottles for everyday use. Check them out here.

Josh first tested the 25 oz. Brazos AUTOSEAL. Of course I had to try it out too.

Things we love: 

On the trail with AVEX.
  • One handed drinking- perfect for parents of small children (you need a hand free to wrangle!)
  • Drinking ease- We drank 3x more because it was so easy (and fun) to push the button.
  • Sleek look- Taller and thinner than other bottles. 
  • Fit- The 25 oz. actually fit into car cup holders (no more rolling around on the floorboards)!

Things we'll live with:

  • Pressure buildup in the bottle (from changing elevations) can cause it to spray when the spout is opened. There is no way to avoid it because of the design (but it can be fun every now and again!).


This bottle alone has made us convert to AVEX. It is hands-down the best water bottle that we have ever used and our go-to brand for future purchases!

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