Monday, April 29, 2013

Outside Challenge Week: Day 5- Spearfish Creek & DC Booth

  Today marks the fifth straight day that we have made it outside for an adventure! We once again headed to the Spearfish City Park for a walk.

  We started out heading in the opposite direction of where we went earlier in the week. Eli was getting very tired on the way in, but once we got him into his stroller he was wide awake. Wu was just as crazy as ever.

  The path ended up following Spearfish Creek most of the time and took us through a few of the other city parks. At one point the path goes under one of the main roads. It runs almost eye level with the creek and something about it was spectacular to me.

Before I could get too caught up in the awesomeness that was the path, Wu decided to jump right in the water. He'd had enough and his crazy just took over. There he was, still on the leash being swept down the creek and here I am holding on to the other end. Well, needless to say I go taking off along side him trying to keep the line from getting caught in creekside vegetation. After a little bit I just decided to yank the line over and guide him towards the shore so I could grab him, but once he got to shore he just climbed on out and jumped right at me. Because the path goes under the road it is actually lower than the creek and when Wu jumped he ensured that I would be covered in most of the cold snowmelt water that had sunk into his thick fur. He hit my leg and trotted off like this was no big deal..... Then he jumped in and did it again..... and again.

  A little further up the path sticking out of the opposite bank was a car. Just sitting there sideways exposed by the erosion. It almost looked like it was placed there intentionally, but I couldn't tell for sure. Nothing surprises me in the Hills anymore.

  We made it about a half mile further and wound our way back in the direction of the jeep. On our way back we saw a guy Kayaking down the creek. Eli thought this was awesome. He just stared at the guy and didn't move. When he looked up at me he had a big smile on his face. We also saw a fly fisherman who looked like he was having the time of his life.

  We ended up walking pass the jeep and touring the DC Booth Fish Hatchery again. It was nice to see how they were adding more paths and see all the giant trout. By the time we reached the jeep we were exhausted. Eli and Wu? Not so much. Eli was laughing the whole way to the jeep and talking and babbling at us. Wu was just full of energy still and wouldn't shut up about it.

  The day was a huge success in my books. I have really enjoyed spending this time with my family. I cant wait for our next adventure. I am a lucky man.

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