Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mule Deer Down

This year seems to be stating off wonderfully. We are back In Deadwood, SD and were lucky enough to get back into the house that we'd moved out of. To help out with the cost we are living with our two close friends, Nathan and Dan Hayes. They're brothers. All that is great but....

1.1.11 Excitement after the shot
On the 1st day of the New Year, Josh took down his first Mule Deer with his bow. He and Nate were scoping in the bows when they saw a doe feeding on the hillside. Josh threw on his snow shoes and headed her way with Nate and his camcorder in tow.

They crept up on her until they were 17 yards away. The doe had watched them approach and just stayed there watching. She wasn't spooked at all .When Josh went to let loose the arrow she saw it coming.

The shot was a clean, through-and-through shot to the lungs. She took off and only made it about 20 yards. With the fresh snow the trail she left was blazing. The boys watched as she reacted, ran and then ultimately fell. And they got it all on tape!

Of course the fun was just beginning. The boys got it back to the house and dressed it. Nate fed the dogs some liver and it turns out that Wu doesn't really care for such things. Tahquitz loved it! The sun was setting at this point and they set it up so the doe would last through the night.

1.1.11 The first Mule
The next day when Josh and I set tot skinning it I realized it's been awhile since I had a hand in such things. It was fun learning all over again with Josh. The dogs cruised around us like sharks in water, getting bites now and again. Priscilla, our neighbors' dog even got in on the action. With two of us it went pretty quickly. The hardest part was getting our scotch tape to stick to the freezer paper. It's something to remember next time; always keep freezer tape on hand.

When all the work was done and everything was packaged and labeled we were exhausted, exhilarated and very happy that we had a freezer full of meat. Now our biggest decision is what cut to eat for dinner! Or is it what to hunt next...

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