Saturday, April 27, 2013

Outside Challenge Week: Day 2- Spearfish City Park

This last week we challenged ourselves to get outside each day for an adventure. Even if we were working all day or exhausted, we got out as a family to have some fun! Here is a little about Day 2!

Josh and I had both been feverishly busy all day. We pulled into the driveway within just a few minutes of each other. Ten minutes later had the jeep packed up (stroller, water and Wu) and were on our way. Since it was later in the afternoon we went to the Spearfish City Park.

We parked just north of DC Booth Hatchery and walked the bike path along the dried creek bed into the mouth of Spearfish Canyon. There were quite a few people out enjoying the path with their friends and pets. We walked for a couple hours taking in the sunshine and ended up at a new bridge that connects Spearfish Canyon to the City Park.

 Wu headed into the creek whenever there was water. Eli was wide awake and sweet the whole time. When Josh and I weren't wrangling one or the other we were soaking up the warm weather!

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