Monday, April 29, 2013

Outside Challenge Week: Day 3- Whitewood City Park

Another hectic day! Eli and I spent the morning hiking over in Wyoming at Ranch A with a set of friends. After a long nap we were ready to hit the street with Josh when he got home.

After wheeling up (our new term for getting Eli in the stroller!) we headed to the Whitewood Park. It's a few blocks away and has a playground. We were looking specifically for toddler swings. And we found them.

Eli hadn't been on a true swing set yet so we fixed that. I'm not sure he really enjoyed the experience. He seemed very serious and not very relaxed so we tried a few runs on a small slide. He liked that quite a bit. So we moved up to a bigger slide. He and I rode to the bottom and Josh caught us. I had forgotten how much I love slides!

Of course we had brought Wu. He was being a good dog just hanging out while he was waiting for us looking forward to the walk home.

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