Monday, October 31, 2011


Though we've been living in the Hills since 2009 this is the first October that we've actually been in town. Somehow we are bouncing around the east coast at this time of year and we didn't realize all the fun we were missing here in Deadwood.

Our friend, Matt Kinsey was visiting from North Dakota and it turned out that he had chosen the perfect weekend to head south. Two years ago we had spent Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts with Matt. Salem was interesting and people had been creative but we left feeling like there should have been more going on. We should have been in Deadwood.

10.31.11 Crowded at The Franklin. Photo by M. Kinsey
Saturday night we dressed up and headed downtown. I threw on a Greek goddess costume that I had worn a few years back- a long white satiny dress with gold arm bands and trim. Josh morphed into a hunter. He was dressed from head to toe in camouflage, complete with deer calls and a hunter orange wii rifle. Matt was Matt.

I don't think that the guys were all that excited until we were on Main St. There were people everywhere and dressed up as everything imaginable. It was fun just to take everyone in. We managed to cram into the Franklin Hotel just as they were announcing the winners of the costume contests. As we made it through the door we caught sight of one of the most impressive costumes we had ever seen- the Transformer, Bumblebee. Then there was the Nazgul, from LOTR who was 8ft tall. There was a real pirate with his own live macaw. I say 'real' because the man looked like he just stepped off of the ship from waging hell on the open seas.

10.31.11 There's Waldo! Photo by M. Kinsey
The Franklin was so cramped that we decided to head down the block and keep people watching. We ran into a very leggy Lt. Dangle, several Waldo's and I'm pretty sure we saw a Snooki! Or at least I hope that's what she was going for. There were pimps and ho's, devils and angels, priests, clowns, bees and a even a Santa. Everyone looked great, was in a great mood and it made the whole town feel alive.

Since we weren't drinking we spent most of our time meandering through the crowds and popping in and out of the bars. I wish I had taken a picture of the blackjack tables at Saloon #10. Where else could you see a true group of characters playing cards?

10.31.11 Best group- Green Army Men. Photo by M. Kinsey
After about an hour we decided that maybe we should head back to the house. It was becoming obvious that everyone was a few drinks ahead of us and since we weren't going to be catching up it was time to call it a night. Before we made our way back up the hill we decided to cruise down Main St. and take one last look at everyone. We ended up seeing some of the best costumes yet including a troop of Green Army Men. They were painted olive drab form head to toy and as we drove by they all struck a pose. It was the best group costume that we had seen all night.

After we had time to take everything in, we decided that we won't be missing another Deadweird! It was too much silliness and fun. Only next time we'll really do ourselves up right. Maybe we'll be characters from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (our favorite movie) or maybe we could be the cast of Game of Thrones. There's so many good ideas and too long to wait!

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