Sunday, August 14, 2011

Loving our life! Plus a preview of our biggest adventure yet!

Today, I was looking at our blog and realized how lucky I am. I can't help but appreciate how much effort Amanda puts into chronicling our adventures. She is such a hard worker. She is a full time student, works nights, and takes care of me and our house. With all this going on she still seems to find time to plan out some truly great adventures. I love my wife with everything I am and ever will be. She is my driving force and my best friend. I love the life that we have created. And I especially love our adventures all over the USA.

Our lives have been a little hectic lately and we no longer have as much time to go out and explore like we use to. Well, I am glad to announce that this is just a temporary situation. Amanda and myself are on our way to starting our own eco-tourism business.

We've done a lot of jobs and been a lot of places, and it has become obvious that we are at our best when we are outside with each other. We've been toying with the idea of having our own business for over a year. We kicked a few ideas around, and all seemed like good avenues. The only problem was that we needed money to get it all started. So, we've been working our butts off in an attempt to get the money together to start our business.

To be honest, it wasn't looking too good there in the beginning. As is typical with us, it took a little help from nature and fate to give us our break. As you all know, we had a great wedding and a fantastic honeymoon. It was on that honeymoon that we felt the nudge we needed.

While in Yellowstone we realized our love for being outside wasn't something we could ignore. After riding around and thinking about what we could do Amanda came up with the idea of Eco-tourism. I had heard of it before but never really thought about it much. Amanda told me about what she knew and I was on board. When we got home from Yellowstone we did some research and I found that it was one of the safest business ventures there is. Relatively low start up and a large market to appeal to. This was right up our alley.

I don't wanna give any more away until we get further along in our process, but I encourage everyone who reads our blog to keep an eye out for Backroads Eco-Adventures and hopefully we'll be giving you a tour of what we call home.

Again, I can't thank Amanda enough for being so amazing, and I know that this incredible adventure we've begun is about to take a very fun turn. I love my life and I love my wife. I really am the luckiest man alive.

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