Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Trail in Nemo

On Friday Josh, myself, and our friend, Matt Kinsey, were able get out for awhile and explore. We ended up, unexpectedly, in Nemo. We headed into the Black Hills National Forest on the lookout for a uninhabited trail.

We found one at the end of Boxelder Forks Road. The road dead ends and a trail begins. The weather forecast said to expect sunshine with a possibility of showers. When we parked the jeep and headed down the trail it was sunny.

The unnamed trail follows Boxelder Creek. The stream meanders back and forth and the trail crosses it at least 5 times. The crossings added an edge of adventure.

Over the course of the next hour the weather changed several times. From sunny, to drizzle and finally to all out downpour. Walking in the rain was nice. Since it so rarely rains here we enjoyed our wet walk until it really threaten to soak us. We sought out shelter and chatted under the canopy of a helpful tree.

The rest of our hike was uneventful- exactly the way we wanted it. We returned to the jeep, wet and content.

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