Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crepes and Escapes

Crepes 6.19.11
Today, Amanda and I took advantage of our opportunity to sleep in, so we got a late start on our adventure for the day. After taking showers and letting the dogs run we made some World Famous Laliberte Crepes. Amanda whipped up the batter and let me figure out how to cook them just right. On top we put peach and blueberry yogurt, sprinkling them with powdered sugar. It was my first time to ever try making crepes and they turned out freaking awesome! It's weird now that I have a French side of my family! After the first crepe came out a little over done I had the cooking method down. I made about 8 crepes today and let me tell you (and Amanda agrees...), they were good.

View from Roosevelt Loop Trail 6.19.11
After wolfing down breakfast we decided it was time to leave for an adventure. The only problem was we had no idea where we were heading. So, we picked Mt. Roosevelt. It's a favorite of ours and we thought it would be nice to let the Wu and Tahquitz run a bit. We loaded the beasts in the jeep and off we went. We were hoping to have some privacy so the boys could run free but of course that wasn't a possibility where we normally go. There were tourists everywhere and we headed back to drop off Tahquitz (He doesn't like car rides very much). Before we left Mt. Roosevelt we found a trail to take and let the dogs run on. We hiked a ridge line and after a bit of exploring we wrangled the boys up and started back. On the way Amanda found a nice case for a pair of binoculars. SCORE!! After that we took Tahquitz back home. We laid some treats around the house for him and then Amanda, Wu, and myself were off to explore.

Custer Peak Camground Site 6.19.11
We decided to explore back roads that would take us south into Hill City, so we could try out this restaurant that the locals love, The Alpine Inn. We took Highway 385 out to Rochford Rd. then down Mystic Rd. It's a cut off we've seen multiple times but for some reason we had never taken it before. It turned out to be a great drive through steep canyon walls. From this road we took a cut off called Custer Peak Campground. As the name suggests, it leads to a campground area which is spectacular! Nearly every camping area was against a large creek and it seemed like each one came with about 4 acres of personal land. It was a very private area that we thought our friends would love when they come up here.

We stopped and let Wu Bear take a swim. He jumped out of the jeep and as soon as he figured out where the best entrance was, he started swimming. He loves to have a stick thrown into the water so he can jump in after it and bring it back. Recently, he's started taking up whining like a little girl just before you throw the stick, and to be honest, it's one of the funniest damn things I've ever seen. After being drug around by the strong current he was done, so we headed back towards Hill City to get lunch.

When we finally arrived in Hill City, we parked next to The Alpine Inn and were hoping to enjoy some German goodness..... It was closed. Facing disappointment we travelled on.

Bumpin Buffalo in Hill City 6.19.11
Amanda dragged me down the street to find another place to eat. We saw a biker looking bar that served mexican food. I love Mexican food, but there was another little tavern called the Bumpin Buffalo. The sign was cool so we took a chance on went inside. It was incredible how much this place reminded me of a college bar I used to frequent when I still went to Oklahoma. (Go Sooners!!!) Anyway, I saw that they were serving buffalo brats with sour kraut... CHA CHING!! I love me some brats, but I really love me some buffalo brats! Amanda and I both ordered brats and had the waitress throw in some fried pickle spears. Those
things are amazing and it's kind of our thing to get them everywhere we go. They served the brats on a wheat hoagie with plenty of sour kraut. The fries were really good and the pickles were fantastic. Needless to say, the meal was awesome! I was a happy man.

Caramel Apple Pie Fudge 6.19.11
We took off walking down the street checking out all the shops that line Main St. Of course, Amanda found the one that served ice cream and fudge; I was hooked. She ordered a cake cone with a scoop of mint chocolate chip and I got a waffle cone with a scoop of Mocha Almond Fudge. We also got a couple squares of Caramel Apple Pie Fudge. WOW!! This was just what we had needed. It was the best fudge I had ever had!!

Thunderhead Underground Falls 6.19.11
At this point, we were completely satisfied and ready to head back home. On the way back up 385 we noticed a nice looking new sign for Thunderhead Underground Waterfalls. We've been looking forward to doing this for two years. We headed down the road towards the falls. When we got there we walked down towards the entrance and paid to get in. It's a self guided tour and it's only about 600 feet into a mountain, but it was pretty cool. You could see where there was copper in the tunnel walls and other really cool color patterns all over the ceiling from a variety of minerals. There is a creek that runs through the tunnel. If you follow this creek all the way to the back you can see the falls. It's a small drop but the water is coming down hard and it gives the whole place a really large feeling. We took a few pictures and then headed out.
Amanda and Wu at Custer Peak CG 6.19.11

It was another good day with my Baby and our Wu Bear.

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