Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gilt Edge Road

Josh & I have been so busy planning our wedding that it's been hard to spend non-wedding time together. Who knew it would take so much time and effort thinking about the details? So we started taking the Jeep out and doing some adventuring & off-roading each day.

Today we explored a road off HWY 385 that we'd never been down before. I knew that there was an active mine at the end but our journey was all about finding a great view of it. We found a road called "Last Chance" and ventured forward. It was rutted, muddy and snowy. Some hills are nearly bare from the wildfire a few years back but most were green and starting to bloom.

Right away we found a beautiful turn-around that had two log seats. I took this opportunity to use my monkey claw stand for my camera (a Christmas present from Josh) and get some shots of the both of us.

We ended up tooling around for another hour. We did see a few old mine shafts that had been closed and collapsed. But after running into deep snow we did the smart thing and turned around. I know Josh was itching to get that run in but we'll save it for another day.

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